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How do we see dental care?

We offer all our patients preventive and curative dental treatment at the highest level achievable. We guarantee excellent hygienic conditions which are closely monitored by our 3 dentists and 6 assistants.

Preventive care

A healthy mouth starts with a good oral hygiene. We try to emphasise on the right way of brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and interdental brushes, floss or toothpicks. We advise you to make at least one yearly visit for a complete check up of your teeth and their surroundings and a professional cleaning. If necessary, x-rays are made to ensure the health of all your teeth.

If we find a problem?

We analyse the problem, discuss the solution with you and make appointments for the treatment.

If no problem is found?

By mutual agreement we send you a reminder by post or e-mail next year for your annual check up.

  • Fillings

    If decay (cavity) or a leaking filling is discovered during your dental check up you will receive an additional appointment. Your tooth will be restored with a composite (tooth-coloured) filling to obtain the most aesthetic result.

  • Endodontics

    If an abces is present under a tooth or if the nerve is irritated by a deep decay or filling the tooth will need a root canal treatment. This consists of a long treatment. The root canals are cleaned, disinfected and shaped in the right form to place the root canal filling. Sometimes we decide in dialogue with our patiënt to refer them to a specialist for this dental treatment. We collaborate with several specialists whom we contact with your x-rays and additional information.

  • Crowns and brigde

    A tooth which consists mainly out of tooth filling materials is weakened. Often we see patients whom fracture these teeth. A good longterm solution is to cap these teeth with a crown. The tooth is reduced on all surfaces, then we make an impression and send this to our dental lab. During the second appointment we can place the crown on the reduced tooth. If a tooth is missing, we can replace it by placing a bridge on the neighbouring teeth.

  • Implant supported teeth

    In some cases teeth are not restorable and we have to extract them. Titanium roots (implants) can be placed into the bone. The implants integrate with the bone and can be used to support new artificial teeth. There are lots of possibilities to receive new implant-supported teeth: fixed solutions and removable teeth. Dr Ali Tahmaseb is a specialist who places the implants at our dental practice.

  • Denture

    A denture is an easy solution to replace several teeth. Nowadays we can use implants to fixe dentures. These dentures are more comfortable and are still removable. This way the patient can easy maintain a good oral hygiene.

  • Anti-snorring brace

    A special, customised anti-snoring brace can prevent snoring at night. First we decide in consultation with a nose, throat and ear doctor if a brace is suitable for you to stop snoring. The brace ensures a forward position of the lower jaw. This position makes sure that the tongue cannot tremble in the throat which makes the snoring sound.

  • Orthodontics

    An Orthodontic treatment is to move teeth with a brace or brackets. These are treatments we do not do ourselves. We work together with several orthodontic dentists nearby and can make a referral to obtain a nice result.

  • Bleaching

    In our office we use the ‘home bleaching’ method to whiten teeth. We make an impression of the lower and upper teeth. The lab technician makes a bleaching tray. In a second appointment we fit the tray and hand you the bleaching gel, and explain how and when to use it. The advantage of this technique is that you can decide how long you want to bleach, and you can easily repeat the treatment in te future with the existing tray.

  • Urgence treatment

    Every day we make time to see people with an acute problem or pain. Call us at 02/731 38 43. In consultation with you we look for a suitable solution to see you the same day. If you have a problem during the weekend, call 0903/39969. This number is available on holidays and weekends from 9am until 6pm. They will refer you to the nearest dentist on duty.

  • Gum disease

    Due to a gum infection bone can resorb around the teeth. This gum disease is called periodontitis. This infection should be treated to avoid further bone loss which can result in losing your teeth. Kim Vermeulen will perform the necessairy periodontal treatment. She also is responsible for gum- or bone corrections unther local anaesthetics.